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2nd August 2017

The many challenges of working in dementia care can mean it is not for everyone. Attachments are formed and relationships built which can sadly end in loss and bereavement. But through hard work, commitment and the support of Prospect Training Services (PTS), Channel Brice (17) was able to identify this as the field in which she would most like to progress in. This is Channel’s learner journey, from GCSEs, to work placement and eventually, to the apprenticeship she had always hoped for.

Vocational pathways at PTS enable our learners to not only gain the foundation knowledge of their chosen course, but to also gain valuable work experience within that vocational field. In the case of our Level 1 and 2 Health & Social Care courses, this enables an easier transition into working within a care setting, regardless of whether this is health or social care. An integral part of these courses are work placements.

Channel completed the Health & Social Care Certificate and, with individualised support from PTS, she also achieved her maths and English GCSEs. Through partnership working and a learner-led structure, we were able to assist Channel in identifying a specific career pathway, and worked with our friends at Deanwood Lodge to create a bespoke placement.

The time spent in a work setting is invaluable as it enables learners to see fully immerse themselves in their career interests first-hand and gain further experience within a care setting of their choice. And at PTS, wherever possible, the learners’ first preference of placement is offered. It was at Deanwood Lodge that Channel was able to truly experience the specific field of Dementia Care that she had shown such a keen interest in.

Supported by both PTS and the manager and staff of Deanwood Lodge, Channel was able to gain a true glimpse of the reality of working in this environment. It was not an easy task for her, supporting individuals to eat and drink, participating in daily living activities and engaging individuals in therapeutic activities. But Channel excelled daily.

With her gaining confidence, it was clear for the manager to identify that Channel had all the qualities to make an excellent carer. At the end of her placement, Channel was offered the opportunity of joining the Deanwood Lodge team as a Level 2 apprentice – an opportunity she leapt at!

All of this started with Channel contacting Prospect Training Services, and today her career will positively affect the lives of so many people. For more information on how PTS can help you discover your potential, or supply your company with the right staff, contact Ewen Saunders or call 01452 886 888.

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