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Design is not just about form but vitally about function. To stand out from the crowd you may need that creative spark that we can offer. Prospect Digital may be the new kid on the block, but the staff have amassed considerable experience along the way, in both the consumer and business-to-business fields. Our dedicated team can be used in a variety of ways utilising a variety of resources – whether you want to develop a new brand, create a website, produce stunning design and print or simply produce award winning animation or apps, the choice is yours.

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As approved Apple and Android Developers we have a highly skilled and supremely creative team of developers who provide mobile app and web based solutions for use on iPhones and iPads, Android phones, tablets and PC’s. Whether its web based apps, educational or corporate application development, sports coaching, game creation or something quite different, the team are always up for a challenge and would love to talk to you. So If you are looking at how bespoke mobile app development can transform your services or customer engagement with your brand please call us on 01452 886888

Maths Race

Maths Race is an app, downloadable for Apple and Android users, helping to improve peoples mental arithmetic. After choosing your car, additions, subtractions and multiplication questions nee dto be answered in order to move along the track!

Aimed at primary school aged children, Maths Race helps children learn and practice:

• Addition, from adding one digit numbers (2 + 3) to two three digit numbers (350 + 550).

• Subtraction, one and two digit numbers (7 - 5),(30 -20).

• 1 to 12 times tables.


• Multiple levels of difficulty.

• Choice of 15 cars from standard, supercar or emergency vehicles (more to be added).

• Choice of the number of questions to answer in a set.

• Scores tallied and correct answers displayed so children (and parents) know how they’ve done.

• Option to play against the clock or at own speed.

Download on Apple or Android


iObserve is a video and audio recording app that allows you to record observations, time stamp criteria, give instant feedback, upload and review recordings, and create a signed declaration . In short, it allows you to save time and paperwork by having an electronic record of all of your observations that you can access and review at any time.

iObserve is perfect for anyone making observations, whether it’s in the educational field, HR, sport, health & safety, training or inspections, sales, medical field and more – it’s suitable for any industry in which you need to observe and record.

The latest edition is iObserve Patient Edition

iObserve® Patient is an audio and video recording app that allows you to record observations about your illness in your own home, to later review with your doctor in your appointments and support your diagnosis.

Please go to our iObserve page to find out more!

Pregnancy and Breathing app - Breathing to help you relax during pregnancy and labour. Controlled breathing is a cornerstone of many labour and childbirth preparation classes. With this app you can learn and practice how to control your breathing to help you relax during pregnancy and labour. Gentle sounds and a calming visual image help guide your breathing. You can also adjust the breathing speed and set the amount of time you want to practice.

How a baby grows - Beautiful, colourful, high-quality video with realistic 3D imagery shows a fetus as it grows and develops from 4 weeks to birth. At each stage you can see, read, and hear about what is happening in a baby’s development.

Alphapets™ an exciting new educational app which will keep your kids occupied for hours, packed with fun animal cartoon flash cards. It’s a fun way to get your little ones to learn the Alphabet and improve their writing and coordination skills through phonics and writing functions

Master Tactician - a football strategy app that puts a modern spin on the magnetic tactics board that you'll find in most top-level dressing rooms. But there's a lot more to the app than simply laying out formations.

The app provides a virtual representation of a football pitch, or a training pitch, where you can see the area as a whole or focus on key areas. You can then drag players into positions (assigning names and numbers if you wish to do so) to explain tactics, formations and set-pieces. This app is being used by premiership managers and has been rated 1st and 2nd in the top 5 apps by the leading Apps Magazine™

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Contact Details

Fran Cantillion, Studio Manager

Telephone: 01452 886 888


The Master Tactician (TMT)

For more information and to download TMT please follow the links:

Available on Apple and Android


For more information and to download Alphapets please follow the links:

Available on Apple and Android

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