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Meet Beth!

Posted 10th March 2017 | Category: General Blogs |

Meet Beth! Beth has recently joined PTS to co-ordinate our highly successful Goalz programme.

Beth comes with a passionate interest in sport, a flair for teaching and a track record of...

Apprenticeship vacancies!

Posted 14th November 2016 | Category: General Blogs |

We have many vacancies available for apprenticeships across the county. Think you could be right for one of these roles? Apply now!

High-level apprenticeships: the perfect route for high-achievers

Posted 27th September 2016 | Category: General Blogs |

The wonderful thing about apprenticeships is how they cater for all strengths, yet a lingering perception that they are only a route into manual or skilled labour positions still remains. While this a great route for some, young people who have achieved well in school, but don’t find the idea of university appealing continue to be unaware of the array of promising options available to them.

Before joining Prospect Training Services (PTS) as an apprentice, Beth (20) had showed initiative already, completing her ...

How PTS changed Charlotte's life

Posted 22nd August 2016 | Category: General Blogs |

Charlotte came to Prospect Training Services (PTS) via our traineeship course, a tailor-made programme of support for young people, aged 16-24, in order to improve her maths and English skills and get her ready for employment. Duncan, her manager, and the team at Gloucestershire County Council (GCC) “fell in love” with Charlotte’s unique personality after she showed up at her work placement with a union jack t-shirt, pigtails and one of the strongest work-ethics they had seen. Her hard work and sunny disposition paid off. It wasn’t long before she proceeded to secure an apprenticeship, and found herself back in the council offices, with her contributions invaluable to the team, and her progression invaluable for her own personal benefit.

It’s a Spring April morning with...

Power-up your business, with eLearning and bespoke training

Posted 6th July 2016 | Category: General Blogs |

eLearning is a powerful and versatile tool for your staff and your organisation. With a wealth of experience in providing training to a myriad of learners, we developed a range of bespoke eLearning and training programmes in-house at our very own studio. The interactive courses include unique graphics, animation and full voice over facility for learners with hearing and/or reading difficulties. eLearning is now an important and enjoyable element of the day-to-day study for many of our learners.

The added value for many students taking part in eLearning is the flexibility and control that they can have over their learning. Think of the implications this could have for in-house training in...

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