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How a Health and Social Care Vocational course progressed to an Apprenticeship

Posted 2nd August 2017 | Category: General Blogs |

The many challenges of working in dementia care can mean it is not for everyone. Attachments are formed and relationships built which can sadly end in loss and bereavement. But through hard work, commitment and the support of Prospect Training Services (PTS), Channel Brice (17) was able to identify this as the field in which she would most like to progress in. This is Channel’s learner journey, from GCSEs, to work placement and eventually, to the apprenticeship she had always hoped for.

Vocational pathways at PTS enable our learners to not only gain the foundation knowledge of their chosen course, but to also gain valuable work experience within that vocational field. In the case of...

Dove Construction new kit sponsor for Gloucester City AFC!

Posted 23rd June 2017 | Category: General Blogs |

We have loved every minute of being the kit sponsor for our beloved local football team, Gloucester City AFC. But unfortunately, it is time to hand the baton over to someone else.

A Gloucester City spokesperson commented...

The 3 most common myths about apprenticeships, busted.

Posted 30th May 2017 | Category: General Blogs |

Apprenticeships have been around for a while now, but with their ever-changing nature, many people are still in the dark about what an apprenticeship is, and who can actually do one. Never fear, Prospect Training Services is here to shed some light!

Prospect goes to... Deanwood Lodge!

Posted 15th May 2017 | Category: General Blogs |

Here at Prospect Training Services (PTS) we take learning very seriously, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! So off the Health and Social care students and tutors went to join the service users at Dean Wood Lodge in a morning of exercise, laughter, and of course, obligatory tea and biscuits.

The students took part in the passive exercise class, and the service users learnt about...

Haydon's Work Experience Sucess

Posted 10th March 2017 | Category: General Blogs |

Prior to attending Prospect Training Services (PTS), Haydon completed a motor vehicle course at college. He was struggling to find a full-time job or apprenticeship in this area; he had a part-time job but it was not easy for him to access.

Haydon joined the PTS traineeship programme which identified areas he needed to improve, tutors worked with him to strengthen these areas and he was then matched with an excellent employment opportunity at...

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