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12th February 2016

PTS | Apprenticeship Case Study | George Bence

For employers, the benefits of a Traineeship with Prospect are boundless. “I would definitely recommend PTS to other employers,” a representative of George Bence & Son, one of Gloucestershire's leading independent builders merchant shares. “Working alongside them has been beneficial to our organisation. When the need arises, we contact them to ask if they have anyone available for a work placement. Likewise, if Prospect feel they have someone who would be a good fit into our organisation, they contact us.”

But the advantages of a Traineeship programmedon’t just stop with the employer. The latest ‘good fit’ is Dan, who’s proved himself to be a prized asset to the company already, and has picked up some valuable skills along the way. “We are very pleased with Dan since he started with us,” George Bence tells us. “We will do our part to develop his skills set, thanks to his good attitude towards work. He has grown in confidence since starting, works well with others and also on his own. He is keen to learn, which is helping with his product knowledge and computer skills.”

PTS | Apprenticeship Case Study | George Bence

Dan now has full-time employment with George Bence & Sons as a Trade Kitchen and Bathroom Assistant, a position which was made available to him after Prospect helped him gain essential skills, such as his fork-lift license, and organised work experience at the company. These avenues may have been difficult to access for Dan, and other young people like him, but the extra care to attention from Prospect ensures accessibility for those who need it. “Prospect helped with lifts to interviews, gave money back on bus tickets, planned the routes to work, and gave private lessons before exams,” he explains. Prospect Training also offer help with CV and application writing, offer interview preparation and provide access to a number of online training courses such a Manual Handling, First Aid and more. What’s more, English and maths qualifications for those who have achieved a GCSE grade C or equivalent can be worked towards, whilst building interpersonal skills and building confidence.

PTS | Apprenticeship Case Study | George Bence

The support doesn’t stop once a work placement has been found either, as George Bence describes: “Prospect keep in weekly contact to ensure the needs are being met for both candidate and employer. This ensures that any issues that may arise during a placement are ironed out straight away and they have regular meetings with candidates to ensure the placement is going well. They were always on hand with any questions or concerns that Dan may have had, giving him plenty of training while he was on his work placement such as help with maths and aiding him gain his fork-lift licence.” Impartial advice and guidance tutors are always ready to help over the duration of the 3-week pre-programme, as well as the duration of the 6-month work programme, giving candidates and employers the valuable support they need to progress with each other.

PTS | Apprenticeship Case Study | George Bence

“I feel motivated to work hard and do well,” Dan adds. “My confidence has improved a lot since working at George Bence. When speaking to customers or delivery drivers, I do not feel nervous. I most enjoy helping customers find their products and see them leave happy and I also like booking in deliveries as I enjoy computer work.”

“I would like to stay at George Bence & Sons and hopefully work my way up to a more important role,” Dan continues, with a sentiment which the company too shares. “Dan has fitted into the team well,” they explain. “Recently, Dan’s superior was on holiday and he helped to keep the goods in and out of the warehouse running smoothly. He worked well on his own initiative.” A shining of example of things to come in Dan’s, now secure, future.

For Dan, the benefit of a training course with Prospect over enrolling in college was the chance to gain hands-on experience in the workplace, alongside developing skills such as maths instead of being stuck in a classroom environment. For his employer, the situation was a win-win, enabling them to invest in a young person’s future, virtually risk-free. “We were able to ‘try before you buy’,” George Bence comments. “It was important that Dan was right for us and, as important, that we were right for Dan. In having him on a work placement, we could make sure that he could fit well into our organisation.” A tailor-made fit, you might say, thanks to his hard work, a good employer and the help and support from Prospect Training.

PTS | Apprenticeship Case Study | George Bence

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