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At Prospect Training Services (PTS) one of our key aims is to ensure full support is in place for all learners and customers equally.

A key part of this policy is to ensure that we have a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) that supports learning and delivery to learners and customers alike.

The need for this has never been more prevalent than during the Coronavirus Pandemic - PTS has acted swiftly and comprehensively during the pandemic to ensure a full range of virtual support is in place to ensure learning continues and is accessible to all in line with a blended learning delivery model.

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PTS provides its learners -

(including Study Programmes, Traineeships, NEET and Apprenticeships) with a virtual learning environment.

We use our own in-house Learner Management System, DREAMS, which offers a whole range of on-line learning tools for staff and learners which can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection (from within PTS or outside).

To compliment this provision, we use MS Teams Education which enables live delivery and meetings to all learners and customers. This ensures a comprehensive virtual package is in place to broaden our learner and customer experience.

It includes such things as -

  • Access to materials relevant to their course ranging from copies of handouts to recorded curriculum sessions.
  • Access to on-line assessments offering instant marking and feedback.
  • Download copies of assignment briefs and hand in assignments on-line.
  • View grades and progress through the course or customer journey.
  • Stay in contact with their tutor and fellow learners via e-mail.
  • Contribute to discussions using on-line discussion boards.

All learners are automatically given access to DREAMS & MS Teams as part of their enrolment once their learner account is activated.

This allows learners/customers to access a range of general resources relevant to their studies, such as curriculum support, key skills practice, induction materials, useful study guides, recorded classes and much more.

In addition, the tutor may put up materials and activities specific to learner’s course of study for them to access -

  • All Teams & Tutors are set up with relevant classes for each subject in each centre and programme
  • Learners will be allocated to classes when needed for Virtual delivery. For example, if they are not able to attend centres due to self-isolation or absence.
  • Assignments are actioned via Teams now in line with curriculum schedule when needed by absent learners.
  • Delivered sessions will fall in line with set timetables to cover English, Maths, Vocational, PSD and EMP.

Aims and Objectives -

  • Ensure consistency in the approach to remote learning for learners who are not able to attend the centre
  • Set out expectations for all staff with regards to remote learning
  • Ensure that all learners and staff are safe while working remotely by following the safeguarding risk assessment
  • Provide appropriate guidelines for data protection
  • Enhance the quality of teaching and learning
  • Meet the individual learning style and needs of learners
  • Improve the efficiency, effectiveness, user-accessibility and time flexibility to engage learners in the learning process
  • Develop the skills and confidence of educators in the appropriate and effective use of digital technology to support learning and teaching by providing CPD opportunities
  • Improve access to digital technology for all learners
  • Ensure that digital technology is a central consideration in all areas of curriculum and assessment delivery
  • Empower leaders of change to drive innovation and investment in digital technology for teaching and learning

We will continue to support vulnerable/SEND learners. We have contacted all learners within this group to establish how we might safely continue to offer face-to-face delivery.

Some of this group are required to use public transport or they or their family members fall into the At-Risk category so are unable to attend sessions safely in-line with UK Government Social Distancing Guidance.

Our support offer to this group of young people is tailored to their individual needs which includes regular telephone contact, access to contact with their existing mentors and learning materials being sent to them.

Extra support is available for those with identified additional needs, and we will continue to support them to work towards achievement and preparing for adulthood outcomes

We are able to offer support with equipment such as devices and connectivity through the 16-19 Bursary Fund.

Learners can make an application at any point of their programme - We also have equipment that can be loaned to learners if they are not eligible for the 16-19 Bursary Fund.

This information is collated through the ICT requirements form that learners are required to complete during their induction.

We have a VLE and Digital Learning Policy and Learner Code of Conduct that sets out the expectations of learners and staff while accessing their education remotely.

These documents can be found here: View Document - View Document

Assessment arrangements will fall in line with Ofqual/Awarding Body guidance.

Contact Details

Abbey Wicks

Telephone: 01452 886888


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