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Inspire - Pre-16 Individualised Learning

Inspire is the ideal programme for a pre-16 learner who is interested in some practical training.The programme is made up of a vocational area, plus additional qualifications which will give that wraparound provision. Working with Schools, and those who are home schooled, all of this is delivered in a fun and relaxed environment to suit learning needs as part of the individual programme. Please click here to find out more.

Work Experience

Work Experience placement finding and vettings. Prospect Training Services offer you an expansive service, which gives you the peace of mind that pupils are safe in the work place and your duty of care towards the pupil has not been compromised.

  • Veryan Webview
  • Block work experience
  • Extended work experience
  • Monitoring systems

Please contact us on 01452 88688 or Click here for more information.

Employability Programme

The Employability programme is a privately funded bespoke work-related programme. It successfully provides work related learning, training and work place opportunities to year 10 and 11 pupils.

The programme consists of topics such as;

  • Interview techniques
  • CV writing
  • Health and Safety
  • Skills & Quality matching

The above topics take place over 13 weeks, and leads to the opportunity or sourcing and securing a work experience placement with an employer for a maximum of 18 months

For more information and to contact us regarding the Employability programme please visit our Employability Skills page.

Online Training Courses

Prospect Training Services offers Online Training in Writing a CV, completing Application Forms and Interview Techniques. Included as part of one of the courses, there will also be a chance for each young person to take part in a Mock Interview. Each young person will be given constructive feedback on all courses, and CVs and application forms will be checked to help with employability in the future. In addition each young person will gain a Level 1 work skills qualification.

These courses can be offered at a cost per course per learner, in the school. The courses can be incorporated into PSD sessions or lessons to get the pupils ready for progression. For more information please call 01452 886 888 or click here to find out more!

Skills on Wheels

This bespoke programme allows us to bring vocational skills to the school, training provider or college. The content and length of the programme is determined by the needs and objective of the provider. We can offer this provision in all our vocational areas in either term time or as roll on roll off provision. This has worked successfully in local schools and we have worked closely with pupils enabling them to gain accredited qualifications. All we ask is that you provide us some space, access to an ICT suite and we can do the rest! We can also deliver, assess and accredit the Edexcel suite of Workskills Units. (As this programme is moulded around each schools/provider etc needs costings and based on the requirements). Please contact Mill Place on 01452 300255

Work Related Learning - PTS Roadshow

We have experience with working with over 850 young people within schools in 2011/12, delivering road shows and Enhanced Work Related Learning (WRL). Our experienced team have been working with Year 9, 10 and 11 students to:

  • Help them produce CVs
  • Understand why employers ask for application forms and CVs
  • Complete an application form
  • Prepare for an interview
  • Complete a session on interview skills.

Please Click here to find out more.

Career Education Information Advice and Guidance (CEIAG)- What do PTS offer?

  • CEIAG to any school, academy, special school, or PRU on a whole year group or on individual 1:1 basis'
  • Supports pupils and parents with Year 9 options
  • Mentors pupils throughout year 8 to year 11 providing 1:1 mentoring sessions.
  • Helps engage pupils in SMART post 16 choices
  • Supports GCSE examination result day and post 16 plans.

Prices start from just £13.50 so please contact us today on 01452 886888 or Click here

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Our work can be moulded around whatever you, as a school, are looking to provide for your pupils. Please take the time to look around what we provide, and contact us on 01452 886888 or Click here!

Think of us...

We have a number of progression routes for young people who may not know what to do once the time comes to leave school. Contact us on 01452 300255 or Click here

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